Cleaning Leather Furniture

Make Your Own Leather Polish & Cleaner

There are tons of leather cleaning, conditioning, restoring, and polishing products on the market. Each of these products promise to give you fantastic results that will make your leather look absolutely beautiful. Most of these products are excellent and work well. Some of them, however, are too harsh, and after a while, it also affects your leather. Because of this, some leather furniture owners have come up with different ways of giving their leather the attention it needs, including coming up with homemade leather cleaners and leather polish!

Homemade Cleaner

Take half a cup of distilled vinegar and about two tablespoons of olive oil. Put the two liquids into a bottle and shake well till combined. Take a clean dry rage and wipe down the furniture. Next, using a clean rag, apply the mixture onto the rag first then rub the furniture with the damp or wet rag. Once the entire piece has been rubbed with the mixture, let it stand for a minute or so then get another clean rag and wipe the piece again. When wiping this last time, try rubbing hard so that you buff the surface and get some shine through. (This cleanser may not be able to take difficult stains out, unless you let it sit for a while and apply it directly onto the leather.)

Homemade Polish

To polish your leather, you need a moisturizing oil. Some leather owners like creating a mixture of essential oils, but many simply use good old olive oil. You don't need to use extra virgin olive oil, the regular kind will do. Just drizzle some olive oil onto your furniture. Then take a clean rag and begin rubbing in the oil.

Once you've finished rubbing the entire piece, check on it. Is it still oily? If it is, you've put enough. If it's dry, it may mean that your furniture is drying, which means it may be at risk for cracking. In this case, apply more olive oil. However, if at the end of the application, it is still very oily, then take another clean dry rag and wipe it down.

(Olive oil will work best for leather with a natural finish. Other finishes will work better with petroleum jelly.)

Leather polish is meant to help leather furniture keep its natural shine and finish. It moisturizes the leather and protects it for a good amount of time. Just remember to always clean your leather before applying any polish. If you don't clean it, the polish may seal in the dirt and stains or make it more difficult to remove them later on.


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